Carob Tree

We visited Carobana to watch the making of traditional confectionery. I have never bought so much lollies in one go! The kids are 'naturally' happy.

This is where I first learnt about the carob tree. We saw a few of these trees on the way, I think they make pretty shade trees. It has beautiful red flowers.

Carob seeds are very even in weight and this is where the word 'caret' in 'caret weight' is derived from. (This could be the one piece of information that win you million dollar in quiz show one day.)

This is a Mediterranean plant and its long roots make it very drought resistant. The pods are used to make powder which is natually sweet and can be used as substitute for sugar. Did you know there are a few carob plantations in Australia?

(Irrelevant piece of information: Before I went on this trip, I have been thinking if there is anyway I can 'grow' my own sugar. Sugar cane can't be grown in Melbourne, so it's not an option. Guess carob tree is a very attractive option.)